Beauty Cam- Selfie camera Effects

Well, thanks to the developer for creating ‘Beauty Cam – Selfie Camera‘! This app offers a solution to all the aforementioned problems.

We have all the features you might need

Live Camera

Saving your valuable time is our priority and hence we fulfill your wish to take instant photos and edit them spontaneously with our ‘Camera’ feature.

Edit Photo

In the hustle-bustle of the world where the devices are like kings and cameras the queen, photos are like the rewards to royalty. Everyone, from the younger to older generations are quite addicted to photos and selfies. Use our ‘Gallery’ feature to select the picture from your device that you wish to edit.

PIP Photo

Nowadays editing has reached a level where you can show a simplistic photo in a very superior way. PIP Effect is one of the tools that let you add one picture to another picture. We have made this task a lot less cumbersome for you by providing different frames in our feature PIP Effect.

Artist photo effect

The plain colors of the photo are too trivial sometimes and there is always an urge to add a combination of color effects to it so as to make it captivating. Well, don’t fret. We are here to cater to your every need with our ‘Artist’ option. Try it to make your photos eye-catching.