Background Eraser, Photo Layers - Superimpose

The viewer can precisely form an image in their mind by gazing at the background of the banner, revealing the hidden message. The background should be designed in a way that conveys the user’s intended idea, striking the viewer with the intended message.

The background serves as the cover depicting the story or highlights one wishes to convey. The viewer can precisely form an image in their mind by gazing at the background, uncovering the hidden message in the banner. The background should be designed to strike the viewer with the idea the user had in mind. To create such a noticeable effect, you need to edit, cut, and craft a compelling background. Editing is the new oil in creating an astounding picture.

“Background Eraser, Photolayer” offers options to create a catchy background, providing a range of features to enhance it.

Options and features include:

  1. This app is phenomenal for cutting pictures and making a picture’s background transparent.
  2. Swap faces by cutting one face and pasting it onto another. Try it once to believe it.
  3. Remove the background of a photo by cutting the shape of the people in the photo and placing them on another background of your choice from your gallery or the templates provided by the application.
  4. Use blue and red markers to accurately select and erase objects you want to remove.
  5. An advanced photo editor allows you to sharpen and enhance the photos you’ve cut.
  6. The “paste on photos” option lets you paste the photos you cut earlier onto any background from your gallery.
  7. A unique function allows you to place your images with famous people and in famous or aesthetic places.
  8. A meticulous application for creating beautiful photomontages.

Download the application to make your photos look presentable with a cool tint of a nice background!

In this techno-savvy world, where devices are like kings and cameras the queens, photos are the rewards to royalty. Everyone, from the younger to older generations, is addicted to photos and selfies. Use our ‘Gallery’ feature to select the picture from your device that you wish to edit. Fulfill your wish to take instant photos and edit them spontaneously with our ‘Camera’ feature.

Step 1:-  Open ‘Background Eraser, Photolayer’ on your PC or laptop after downloading it. Once opened, it displays two options: ‘Cut Photo‘ and ‘Paste Photo‘.

Step 2:-  Select a photo from your library. If you want to edit an image on your device, click on ‘Gallery‘ After selecting photos from your gallery, cut out your photo using the Auto eraser and draw an outline of your image. Start outlining your image and click ‘Done.’ After that, choose templates for your image.

  • Once you have cut your photo, click on the save button, and you will be redirected to the ‘Paste Photo’ feature.

Paste Photo:- 

  • After cutting your photo, you can change your photo’s background, add effects, stickers, text, and use more tools to make your picture amazing. You can directly load your cut-out image from your gallery by clicking on the photo button.
  • Click on the background button to choose an amazing background for your image. There are plenty of backgrounds available, and you can also choose a color background.
  • Click on the Stickers button to add cool and funny stickers to your photo. There are plenty of stickers to choose from.
  • The application introduces some new features, such as text. Easily add stylish text to your photo, where you can customize the font style, font color, text background, and other tools to make your photo more attractive.
  • Click on the Border button to add a border to your photo. Here, you can choose the color and pattern for the border of your image.
  • Next, click on the Status button to add cool status stickers to your photo. There are plenty of status options to choose from, so select the perfect status and add it to your photo.
  • After you have finished, click on the save button and choose your preferred output extension. You have the option to save your image in either JPG or PNG format. Once you’ve made your selection, click on the save button to save your photo in your device storage.