Background Eraser, Photo Layers - Superimpose

The viewer can precisely make an image in his head, by gazing at the background, of the message that is hidden in the banner. The background should be such that that it strikes the viewer with the idea that the user had in mind.

We have all the features you might need

Camera & Gallery

In this techno-savvy world where the devices are like kings and cameras the queen, photos are like the rewards to royalty. Everyone, from the younger to older generations are quite addicted to photos and selfies.

Add Text

What makes your photos expressive are the words, the text, the quotes written with them. The aesthetic vibes of your photos can be best accompanied by the words that speak your mind. We provide you the feature to add text directly to your photos in order to make it convenient for you to portray yourself to the world in an articulate manner.

Add Stickers and Filters

Well as the trend dictates, filters are the trendsetters nowadays. They provide the required glow to the picture and also beautifies your aesthetic self. Stickers just speak for themselves, really creative to add stickers that are at par with your pictures. We have a wide range of filters and stickers available for you.

Add Background

Backgrounds can make good pictures so not worth it sometimes. Users are in a constant need to alter the backgrounds so as to give out an uptight aura of their images. This is now really tireless to do with our ‘Add Background’ feature.