Rar Extractor, Rar File Opener, Simple Unrar

What if something you need is locked? If you need to unlock something ,you have got to have the keys! If you don’t have the specific key, then it’s a grinding process to find one.

What if something you need is locked? If you need to unlock something ,you have got to have the keys! If you don’t have the specific key,then it’s a grinding process to find one. We here, through our application provide you with “the key” to unlock those RAR and ZIP files. It can become really messy when you have to extract these files the traditional way to finally be able to access the data inside such files. But the app here provides you with the easiest way to extract data from RAR & ZIP files within seconds.

Hence, turning  a cumbersome process of extraction into  an effortless attempt to unlock the data files! RAR EXTRACTOR PRO is a Windows app especially designed for Windows 10 devices. The most enticing feature of the app is that it provides a free RAR or ZIP file opener.

Two submerged options provided by the application:

  • Pick Local file –  pick any .rar/.zip file from PC/mobile and extract data to downloads folder or the other .
  • Pick Web File – to download and extract data directly from the url, provide the url in the box and the name ( with extension) by which you want to save and click on the “ Download and Extract” button to get data in the selected folder.

With these two astounding options, you can unlock or simply open any rar/zip file and extract data from local as well as web file.  Hurry up and download this app to save your precious time !

Guide to use Rar Extractor Pro

Step 1:  Once you have successfully downloaded the application on your PC or laptop, click on  it to get the process started.

  • As soon as the application opens up, you will be presented with two options, “Pick Web File” and “Pick Local File”.
  • If you have to extract, unzip, unrar or open a file from the browser, “Pick Web File” is the one you tap.
  • If you have to do the same for a file that’s already in your device, “Pick Local File” is the button to be selected.

Step 2: If you have selected “Pick Web File”, here are the steps you need to follow

  • A dialog box must appear on your screen asking for the zip URL and local file name.
  • Enter the web URL of the file you want to extract in the zip URL and the the file name you want it to be saved by in your device with the extension .rar or .zip 
  • Once you are through, click on the Download and Extract button to get the process completed.

Step 3: If you have selected “Pick Local File”, steps are mentioned herewith.

  • You will be directed to the library to browse through the files on your devices. Select the one you need to work on i.e. extract or unzip.

Step 4:  After you have picked up the file, click on open and voila, your file is extracted as per your specifications.