Beauty Cam- Selfie camera Effects

Well, thanks to the developer for creating ‘Beauty Cam – Selfie Camera‘! This app offers a solution to all the aforementioned problems.

Are you tired of switching between multiple editing apps just to perfect your pictures? Does your current editing app consume too much time and space? Thanks to the developer of ‘Beauty Cam – Selfie Camera‘ these problems now have one solution! The typical process of posting a picture involves three steps: capturing the moment, editing the image, and sharing the final result. This app streamlines all three actions on one platform, making it hassle-free! Enhance your pictures with stickers, text, filters, and effects—all in one place.

Key Features:

  1. Live Camera:
    • Capture pictures directly using the Beauty Cam or select images from your gallery.

    • Stickers: Choose from a vast array of stickers, including Flowers, Laces, Light, Pizza, Sailing, and even Thug Life.

    • Filters: Enhance your pictures with a wide range of filters offered by the app.

Our priority is to save your valuable time, allowing you to take instant photos and edit them spontaneously with our ‘Camera‘ feature.

Step 1:-  After downloading the application on your laptop or PC, tap to launch the app. Once opened, you’ll find six functions on your screen: ‘Camera‘ ‘Gallery‘ ‘PIP Effect‘ ‘Artist,’ ‘My Work‘ and ‘Tutorial

  • If you want to capture and edit a photo simultaneously, the ‘Camera’ button is what you’re looking for.

Step 2:-  After selecting the photo you want to edit or capturing one through the camera, click on the crop button to resize your photo accordingly.

  • If you want to add expressive stickers to your photo, click on the stickers icon. The app offers a diverse palette of stickers in categories like hairstyles, eyebrows, and face emojis. Choose the one you wish to add, and adjust it as needed.
  • To enhance your image, click on the filter icon and choose your favorite filter from the available options.
  • Additionally, the app allows you to add text to your pictures. Click on the Text button to express yourself. Easily customize text style and color, and use ‘B,’ ‘I,’ and ‘U’ icons to bolden, italicize, and underline the text, respectively.
  • For image orientation, the app provides various options.

Explore more advanced features:

  • The retouch icon allows you to edit your hair, lips, and eyes.
  • The shape button provides a reformative look to the abs and pecs.
  • The adjust button is a professional tool for changing photo lighting.
  • Use the flip/rotate button to flip the image to any degree.
  • Click on the mosaic icon to apply different types of blur.
  • The perspective button lets you change the image’s perspective horizontally or vertically.
  • Add drawings, shapes, or doodles using the doodle button in the rightmost corner of the palette.

Step 3:-  After capturing a photo from the camera, the next option allows you to either crop the image or choose your favorite social media aspect ratio. Once you’ve made your selection, click on the ‘Crop & Next‘ button to proceed.

Step 4:-  Click on the filter icon, choose your favorite, and apply it to beautify your image.

Step 5:-  After editing, click ‘Save‘ to save the edited picture in your device’s gallery.