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Label is the new liferaft of the product. It identifies and communicates the product. Traditionally people had to go through many stages to make an appropriate  label.

We have all the features you might need

Custom Layout

Labelling supports viewers to differentiate the product from the rest in the shelves of the markets. Logo design has a certain appeal to the viewers which can affect the market base to a great extent and the social media platforms helps these to get more viral.


LOGO is a symbolic representation of your brand. It basically conveys the idea of what your company or what your product does to the viewers. It tends to have an effect through which the customers can connect themselves with the brand. It is believed that logos tend to have a deeper connection with the customers. It increases your market base.


 With ‘Logo maker and logo generator’ ,we provide a helping hand to write text directly on the photo. Text on the photo makes it more catchy and a bit of an eye candy for the viewers. The app enables an ‘in-wrap’ function which assists the user to merge the text with the background or the photo.

Add Background

The background is what sets the tone of the entire composition that you were keen on creating. It enhances your logo by adding a sense of tone to your story. Backgrounds need to be focused as much as you focus on the story.