Animal Coloring Book With Multiple Templates

Colors influence our responses to the surroundings, shaping our thoughts, prompting actions, and triggering reactions. This application targets children, and an animal coloring book is designed to foster the cognitive connection between visual cues and words.

Colors influence how we respond to our surroundings, shaping our thoughts, persuading actions, and triggering reactions. This application targets children as its primary market. The Animal Coloring Book helps develop the cognitive link between visual hints and words. It’s an initiative to go paperless and, hence, greener. Why waste paper when you can go green with this amazing app? It serves the same purpose with enhanced features and magnified results. Engage your kids in coloring, enabling them to learn and identify different animals and gain proficiency in the process.

Children can access a new coloring image anytime and anywhere when they have the urge to color. Users can select their favorite animal from a wide range of templates available. Choose colors from the palette and the shade you want to fill in the animal figure. The zoom-in and zoom-out functions are readily available for children to carefully fill colors in every section of the animal figure. Children make mistakes, which is a good thing; that’s how they learn. So, the “Animal Coloring Book” allows users to easily undo a wrong move and provides the option to reset to start altogether.

All these aforementioned functions are provided by a feature called the color book. The application not only empowers children to color but also allows them to express their creativity on the screen. The above-mentioned drawing function is provided by the “Pencil Sketch” feature. Kids can choose their preferred brush and brush size to draw or paint, fill colors from a vast array of colors and shades available. Erase any extra lines and color fillings, and the zoom-in and zoom-out functions can be used to work better on details and return to the original size with the reset button. When the sketching or coloring, or both, is finished, save and share your file with just a click.

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Guide to Use: Animal Coloring Book With Multiple Templates & Coloring Options

We are delighted that you have installed our app on your PC or laptop, and we look forward to providing you with a great coloring experience.

Step 1: Once the application is ready, click to launch it on your device.

Out of the two options available on the screen, namely ‘Pages’ and ‘Sketch,’ click on the ‘Pages’ icon if you wish to color an animal that is already designed.

Step 2:-  This will direct you to the ‘animal category,’ which consists of multiple animal templates and caricatures for your kids to explore. They can pick one of their choices.

Step 3:-  Select your favorite animal from this wide range and choose any color of your preference along with its shade.

  • Zoom in and out of the image to inspect the color details.

Step 4:-  If you wish to design your own piece, click on ‘Sketch‘ from the home screen.

  • This will direct you to a blank page with various options such as a pencil, eraser, and paintbrush to sketch the piece you have in mind.

Step 5:-  Once you are done with coloring, click on the save icon to save the colored animal in your gallery. You can also share your work with your family and friends by simply clicking the share icon, and the folder where the image has been saved will open directly.

Step 6:-  Once you are done with coloring, click on the save icon to save the colored animal in your gallery. If you want to see your colored item, go to activities, and your art will be listed in activities.