Beauty Cam- Selfie camera Effects

Well, thanks to the developer for creating ‘Beauty Cam – Selfie Camera‘! This app offers a solution to all the aforementioned problems.

If every social media platform is driven by pictures, then every picture is influenced by editing! Tired of switching between editing apps to perfect your picture? Does your editing app take up a lot of time and space? Well, thanks to the developer for creating ‘Beauty Cam – Selfie Camera.’ One solution to all the aforementioned problems! The usual process of posting a picture involves three steps: taking the picture, editing it, and sharing the edited version. The app allows the user to initiate all three actions on a single platform, hassle-free! Add stickers, text, filters, and effects to your picture using the application.

The plain colors of a photo can sometimes be too ordinary, and there is always an urge to add a combination of color effects to make it captivating. Well, don’t fret. We are here to cater to your every need with our ‘Artist’ option. Try it to make your photos eye-catching.

Step 1:-  Click on the ‘Artist‘ button and choose the art effect you wish to apply from a vast array of options available.

  • Apply various effects to your photo and feel free to adjust it accordingly.

Step 2:-  After completing your editing, click the ‘Save‘ button to effortlessly store the edited picture on your device in the gallery.