Auto Stamper

Auto Stamper is an application developed by the developer, featuring a staggering function that affixes Location/Time/Signature stamps on photos.

Now all your pictures will always be stamped with current date and time, location or even signature stamp so that you can exactly know when and where was the location, when you clicked any picture.

Date and Time stamp
Easy to add a Date Stamp and Timestamp on your images so that you can remember each and every moment of your life in future with the old memories.

Signature Stamp
Add a Signature text on Photos in the form of a copyrighted stamp and protect it from any kind of misuse. Add signature or text or stickers, photo to create watermark on your photos. Adjust your watermark on your photos; pinch it, drag it and rotate it. Adjust its opacity precisely with the slider.

You can write any text or words on photographs as per your convenience and insert it where you want with attractive color, font and text combinations.

GPS Map Location Camera Stamp
Add a GPS Geolocation stamp (Current or Custom) on your Pictures. So when you are at an exotic location, you can remember the co ordinates. You can mark that location on the photo.

Simply, turn ON the Location in your android mobile phone and Auto Stamper will work as a GPS Map Camera for you.

Logo Stamp
Just select the Logo from your Gallery and insert it into your Photos with a click.

Guide to Use: Auto Stamper

Step 1:-  After successfully installing the application on your PC or laptop, double-click on it to launch the app.

  • Click on the “Add Watermark” button to affix a stamp to your photo.

Step 2: Click on the “Add Watermark” button and choose a photo from your gallery to add a stamp.

  • Click on the “Add Watermark” button and select a photo from your gallery to apply a watermark. When choosing a photo, you’ll encounter a second option: selecting your watermark. On your screen, you’ll find two options—Gallery and Create Watermark.
  • Gallery: If you prefer using an existing watermark from your gallery, simply choose the one you want.
  • Create New: The “Create New” watermark feature is a new addition to the photo watermark application. With this feature, you can design your own logo or watermark, which can then be added to your photos.
  • If you select “Create Watermark” you’ll have access to multiple tools to design your custom watermark. These tools include options to add text, art, effects, images, and background. In the initial step, pick a shape if you want your watermark to have a shaped background.
  • Click on the “Text” icon and input your desired text into the text area.

  • After entering text in the text box, you’ll find additional tools to edit the text. These tools include “Control,” “Text Style,” “Text Color,” and “Text Background.”

    • Control: Press the control button to adjust the alignment of the text.

    • Text Style: Choose an amazing text style from the provided list. There are numerous incredible and cool text styles to choose from.

    • Text Color and Background: Utilize this tool to add color to your text and set the background color for the text.

  • Art:

    • Click on the “Art” button and choose a category. There are multiple cool categories to select from, including watermark, tattoo, toys, butterflies, and many more amazing art sticker categories.
    • Easily choose art watermark stickers from the list.
  • After selecting Art Stickers:

    • Once you’ve chosen your art stickers, you can easily control the alignment and set the color of the art.
    • Click on the “Control” button to adjust the art’s alignment.
    • Click on the “Color” button to choose the color of the art.
  • Click on the “Effect” button to choose a background effect. There are cool effects available that you can apply to your watermark if you wish to add them.
  • Click on the “Image” button to add an image from your gallery, or you can capture a new image to add.
  • Click on the “Background” button to choose the background of your watermark. You can apply an image as a background, use a texture, select an image from your gallery, or choose a color.
  • After completing all the adjustments, click on the “Save” button to preview your customized watermark on your photo. You can further adjust the watermark’s location on your photo. Click on the “Save” button again to save the photo with your personalized watermark.

  • For a free-style approach, you can place your watermark at any location on your photo.

  • Grid: The grid view will display the watermark in a grid format. You can adjust the size using zoom in and zoom out functionalities.
  • There are numerous tools available, such as rotate, contrast, and brightness, to customize the appearance of the watermark. You can also choose the color of your watermark.
  • After you have finished, click on the “Save” button to store your photo with the watermark in your gallery.