How To Use PIP Photo Effects?

If every social media is driven by pictures then every picture is driven by editing!  Tired of switching between editing apps to edit your perfect picture?  Does your editing app take a lot of time and space?  Well, thanks to the developer for originating “Beauty Cam- Selfie Camera”. One solution to all the aforementioned problems! The normal of posting a picture involves 3 steps: clicking the picture, editing the picture, and sharing the edited picture. The app provides the user to initiate all three actions on one single platform. Hassle-free! Add stickers, text, filters, and effects to your picture using the application.

Nowadays editing has reached a level where you can show a simplistic photo in a very superior way. PIP Effect is one of the tools that let you add one picture to another picture. We have made this task a lot less cumbersome for you by providing different frames in our feature PIP Effect.

Step 1: Choose the PIP Effect from the home screen of your application and it will direct you to a lot of frames available for you to choose from.

Step 2:

  • Once you have selected the frame, choose the photo you want to put in the frame from the library of your device and adjust it accordingly.
  • Various filter effects can be applied to your photo through the filter button.

Step 3: Once you are through with your editing, click on the Save button to save the PIP photo in your gallery.