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The label serves as the new liferaft for the product, identifying and communicating its essence. Traditionally, individuals had to navigate through numerous stages to create an appropriate label.

A label is the new life raft of the product, serving to identify and communicate its essence. Traditionally, creating an appropriate label involved navigating through many stages, making it a time-prolonging and tiresome process. This longstanding and hard-working approach often detracted from one’s opportunity cost, taking away valuable time that could have been directed towards more productive business activities.

To address this issue and prevent the loss of opportunity cost, we present to you the hassle-free solution: ‘Logo Maker And Logo Generator.’ This tool allows you to effortlessly design logos, stickers, or labels for your product branding.

Logo Maker and Logo Generator offer a wide range of high-definition icons categorized for easy navigation. These icons provide diverse graphic options, allowing you to customize background colors, texts with distinct font sizes and styles, and more. Design logos for various social media apps with different layout sizes, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

The application enables you to create graphics for cover photos, thumbnails, app images, or simple posts in JPEG/PNG format. It includes features such as:

  • Layouts with different aspect ratios for Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • In-built icon selection with color customization.
  • Professional tools for recoloring and editing.
  • Option to import pictures from the gallery or add custom images to the logo.
  • Background color adjustment to match your app’s theme.
  • Professional layer management for easy logo editing.
  • Custom text addition with different styles, colors, and scaling options.
  • Save designs as drafts or image files in JPG/PNG formats and share with friends or stakeholders.

Designing graphics with Logo Maker and Logo Generator adds an artistic impression to your logo, label, or sticker, making it more appealing.

Effective labeling distinguishes products on market shelves. Logo design’s visual appeal can significantly impact market presence, and social media platforms aid in creating viral content. Logo Maker and Logo Generator provides various layouts, allowing you to create visually appealing designs that meet platform norms.

As you use the application, provide information about the layout you need for your logo. Different layouts, such as Facebook covers, Twitter posts, flyers, device wallpapers, etc., are available for selection.

Step 1:-  After installing the application, you will be greeted with three options:

  • Create Logo
  • Templates
  • My Logos
  • To initiate the logo-making process, select the first option, ‘Create Logo.’

Step 2:-  Following the previous step, choose the desired shape for your logo. The application offers a variety of shapes for you to explore.

Step 3:-  Click on ‘Background‘ and here, you can select a background for your logo. Customize further by choosing the color, gradient, and texture to enhance the visual appeal of your logo.

Step 4:-  To name your logo, click on the ‘Add Text‘ button. Customize the text by changing its color, font style, and explore various other options.

Step 5:-  Utilize the ‘Add Art‘ feature to incorporate stickers and designs into your logo. The Logo Maker & Logo Generator app offers 20 categories of art designs, simplifying the process of finding the perfect elements for your logo.

Step 6:-  The ‘Add Photo‘ option enables you to incorporate images or logo designs from your gallery or capture them directly using your camera and integrate them seamlessly into your logo.

Step 7:-  The ‘Effects‘ option empowers you to enhance your logo creation with a variety of effects. The app offers a diverse selection, making it simple for you to choose and apply them.

  • Once you’re satisfied, click on the ‘Save’ button to save your logo creation to your system gallery, or alternatively, you can save it as a draft.