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Whatever branding you want to create - may it be a logo, sticker or label, Logo Maker & Logo Generator - Logo Maker would allow you to create one at ease.
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Guide to use : Logo Maker & Logo Generator - Logo Maker

Let’s get started : Click on the Start button to start making post, thumbnail, banner, logo and more...

What do you need ?

Choose what do you  need to design

  • Logo
  • cover
  • wallpaper
  • thumbnail
  • post
  • flyer 

click what do need to make options and start making ….

There is tools to make post, banner, thumbnail, logos and more.

  • First : You can choose logo icon.
  • Second : Write Text
  • Third : set Background image and color

How To add Logo ?

  • Click on The + Add New Logo button .
  • Lot’s of logos icon choose your logo and click on it to use.
  • You can change logo color Choose color to apply.
  • Resize and Drag logo icon position easily.

How to write Text ?

  • Click on Second option  text button.
  • Click on + ADD Text .
  • Write Your Text and choose color and text style.
  • Click on Check button,
  • Set position and you can resize. 

How to set background ?

  • Click on Third option  Background edit button.
  • Choose color to set background color
  • You can set Background image choose your background and click on it to apply.

Click on Last option To save Your Image.

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