Text on Photos & Videos: Typorama & Word Quotes

The application ‘TEXT ON PHOTOS AND VIDEOS‘ empowers you to share your voice with viewers.

Adding text to photos or images creates an alluring effect, enhancing the visual impact and amplifying your voice or ideas. The ‘TEXT ON PHOTOS AND VIDEOS’ application allows you to effortlessly share your voice with viewers, offering a myriad of features. Express yourself in a contemporary way with features like typoramas and word quotes. Add text to images or videos using a variety of font styles, sizes, and colors. Enhance videos with phrases, motivational quotes, or statements at any time range. You can also add text directly to your camera using artistic fonts in different sizes and colors, making your images stand out and engage viewers more effectively.

Noteworthy features of the app include:

Text Options: Wrap your images and videos with text using customizable font styles and color pickers.

Quotes: A collection of beautiful quotes is readily available in the app for hassle-free inclusion in images and videos.

Stickers: Categorized into five types – Emoji, Cat face, Quotes, Hashtags, and Food. Add multiple stickers to an image or video, and customize their rotation, scale, or position.

Image: The app features a Picture-in-Picture effect, allowing users to incorporate an image over a photo selected from the gallery.

Share: Save the edited photo or video and easily share it on social media platforms. Import photos or videos from Facebook and Instagram for added convenience.

Discover a novel way to edit and add text to images and videos. Download the app, share it with your friends, and enjoy its features!

The expressive power of your photos lies in the words, text, and quotes accompanying them. This app offers you the feature to add text directly to your photos, making it convenient to articulate yourself and portray your thoughts to the world.

Step 1:-  After successfully downloading the application on your PC or laptop, click on it to start the app.

Step 2:-  You will be presented with two options on your screen: ‘Text on Photo’ and ‘Text on Video’. Choose the option that suits your needs.

Step 3:-  If you want to add text to any of your photos, click on ‘Text on Photo’ and choose the image from your device’s library. Click on the Text button to add text, and you’ll have the freedom to customize the font style, size, and positioning of the added text.

Step 4:-  Explore numerous stickers available, matching the tone of the words you’ve added. Choose any that suits your preference, and adjust their positioning as needed.

Step 5:-  Utilize the background option to select the background for your text. If you want to add an image to the existing one, click on ‘Add Image’ and position it according to your preference.

Step 6:-  Once you have achieved the desired result, click on ‘Save’ to store the edited picture in your gallery.