How To Write Text On Photo?

Text on photos or images gives an alluring effect. It basically magnifies the photos and amplifies your voice or the idea that you want to share. The application “TEXT ON PHOTOS AND VIDEOS”  to share your voice with the viewers. The app bestows us with a colossal number of features. Features like typoramas & word quotes to express yourself in a contemporary way. Add text on image or video by using myriad font styles, sizes, and colors. Affix the videos with different phrases, motivational quotes, statements, etc, at any time range. Also, you can add text using amazing fonts by adding=g custom typography directly to your camera with very artistic fonts that too in different sizes and colors. Hand-pick from a pool of powerful fonts that will make your images highly distinguished from others and more engaging to the viewers.



Wrap your images and videos with text by using the app and furnish it with a handful of customizable font styles and color pickers.


            A collection of beautiful quotes is submerged in the app to make it hassle-free for users and add it to the image and the video.


Stickers are categorized into five distinct types:

  • Emoji
  • Cat face
  • Quotes
  • Hashtags
  • food

Add more than one sticker to an image or a video and the user can also rotate, scale, or change the positions of the stickers as per your desires.

  1.   IMAGE:
  • PIP i.e. picture in picture effect is also present in the app. It allows the users to 
  • Incorporate an image over a photo that you can select from the gallery.
  1. SHARE:

Save the edited photo or the video and share or upload such a picture/video to the social media platforms and get likes. Also, you can import your photos or videos from Facebook 

And Instagram which makes it all so much easier and unproblematic.

It is a span-new way to edit and add text to images and videos. Download it and share it with your friends and enjoy using the app!

What makes your photos expressive are the words, the text, the quotes written with them. The aesthetic vibes of your photos can be best accompanied by the words that speak your mind. We provide you the feature to add text directly to your photos in order to make it convenient for you to portray yourself to the world in an articulate manner.

Step 1: Once you have successfully downloaded the application on your PC or laptop, click on it to start the app.

  • You will now be presented with two options on your screen, ‘Text on Photo’ and ‘Text on Video’.

Step 2: You will now be presented with two options on your screen, ‘Text on Photo’ and ‘Text on Video’.

Step 3: If you wish to add text to any photo of yours, click on ‘Text on Photo’ and select the image from the library of your device.

  • Click on the Text button which gives the freedom to add text and even gives you the option to change the font style, size, and positioning of the text you have added.

Step 4: A lot of stickers are also available as per the tone of words you have added. Choose any of them as per your convenience and the positioning can also be set accordingly.

Step 5: The background option lets you choose the background of your text. After you have applied the background, if you wish to add an image to the existing one, click on ‘Add Image’ and position it accordingly.

Step 6: After you have completed what you were hoping for, click on ‘save’ to save the edited picture in your gallery.