Collages require good composition within your imagery. Doodle with perspective and accentuate and exaggerate it to create collages. PIP collage maker photo editor basically offers you to dive into the sea of your creativity.

It yields the perfect way to showcase a collection of your favorite photos, by adding one or multiple photos into your chosen layout. 

Picture in picture(PIP) filter allows you to insert a picture over a picture and give a wrapping effect. PIP Style Photo Collage various patterns such as Crystal Bottle Pattern, Frames Series, Simple Style, and more. All photo collages are specially handcrafted for you to use in a creative way. Share it on different platforms as stories or posts, and see what your friends are gonna say!

Another function of the application is the “Grid Collage”. Grids help to prevent the messy look because through the grid collage function, the frame is divided into a different equal section for the images to fit in well.  Classic grid collage provides you with various photo collage templates designed professionally.  You can also customize the backgrounds of frames. Make your images look funky.

Framing is an essential element in photography because it can help you to convey a message that you want the viewers to know through the photo. A huge number of collage frames are presented by the developer. Blurred Background function is a trendy function nowadays and it is also available in the app. Use the Photo Collage function to bring your photos and pictures in one frame with stunning layouts.

With editing, you can make the photo look more vibrant and colorful. Editing provides wings to the image. PIP photo editor provides Multiple photo filters for decorating your photos/pictures. Full feature adjustments like rotation, brightness, contrast, sharpness, and many more functions. Add funny stickers to your images and make a perfect collage. PIP Photo Collage Maker has a simple design with powerful, fun pip frames, collage maker, and an amazing photo editor with the most creative photo in PIP frame. 

PIP Photo Collage Maker is an easy-to-use, creative photo editor and pip frame collage maker. It can add emotions to your creative photos with Emojis, smiles, and popular tag. Save and share on any social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Frames are an exquisite feature to add to your photos. It highlights the images within them and puts them in a different light. Our user-friendly, well-curated app provides our users with the function to add frames to their photos along with beautiful art effects and filters.

Step 1: Select the frame of your choice from the number of options available and select the image from your gallery to fit in the frame.

Step 2: After selecting the photo, position it accordingly within the frame using the layout function.

Step 3: Use the Filter icon to apply different filter effects to beautify your picture.

Step 2: Adjust photo by rotate and flip.

  • Click on L-Rotate to Rotate left.
  • Click on L-Rotate to Rotate left.
  • Flip Photo Horizontal and vertical at one click.
  • Adjust photo Brightness, Contrast and sharpness. 

Step 5: You can also add stickers from a huge variety of them with the help of the stickers icon.

Step 6: Write text and choose text style.

  • Once you are through click on the save button to save the image in the gallery of your device and to know the location of the image where it’s saved exactly.