PIP Collage Maker with Photo Editor & Grid Photo

The perfect way to showcase a collection of your favorite photos, by adding one or multiple photos into your chosen layout.
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Guide to use : PIP Collage Maker with Photo Editor & Grid Photo

PIP Collage Maker

  • Blur
  • Collage
  • Effects

PIP Style Photo Collage

  • Click on any frame to choose then add your photo from camera or gallery.
  • PIP Photo Collage Maker has a simple & powerful design.

PIP Frame Layout

  • Awesome PIP Frame Layouts.
  • Click on any frame to choose & apply your photo on it.

Filter Effects

  • Click on Filter to apply photo Filter Effects on your photo.
  • Lot’s of amazing Photo Filters available.


  • Click on Accessories to apply Six Packs.
  • Lot’s of accessories available to choose.


  • Click on Sticker icon to apply stickers on your PIP Photo.
  • Wide Range of  amazing Stickers available to aaply.

Mirror Effects

  • Click on Mirror Effect to make your photo in Mirror Effect.
  • Awesome Mirror Effects available to apply on your photo.

Collage Layouts

  • Click on Collage to choose Collage Frame for your Photos.
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