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Do you feel the nostalgia when you go through your childhood pictures? Now create these beautiful memories of your child’s birth and other milestones. Personalize your memories with captions and stickers so you never forget the day


——- THEME ——–

-Theme: Choose from 15+ handcrafted themes to create beautiful memories of different occasions of your childs life, the first step, the first word, first birthday and memories you will cherish for life.

*The theme comes with movable stickers that you can adjust according to you

*Add Pictures to the theme and create a customized collage

*Stickers: add more stickers to your pictures. Choose your favourite sticker from more than 15 categories of stickers designed to make your memories the best memories. Now choose your favourite colour to fill in the stickers.


>Mom Dad
>Baby Toys

——– EDIT ————–

-Enhance: enhance your pictures by adjsuting Contrast, Brightness, Saturation and Sharpness of the image

-Resize: Crop, resize, rotate and flip your pictures

-Effects: complete you image by applying amazing filters to your images

-Borders: adjust the width of the border and fill in with your favourite colours

-Frames: Select from professionally designed frames

TEXT: Add cutomised texts to your images with amazing fonts and colours

LIVE CAMERA:Click pictures straight from your camera and edit instantly

MY ALBUM: Find all your edited pictures in one place