Baby Pics Free - Milestones Pics - Pregnancy Pics

Do you feel the nostalgia when you go through your childhood pictures?
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Guide to use : Baby Pics Free - Milestones Pics - Pregnancy Pics

Let’s get started : Click on the camera and gallery button for take your photo and start editing..

How to crop your photo ?

  •  Choose your photo in gallery and select a ration then click on crop.
  • Start editing with some tools.
  • You can click on theme icon and choose your best baby theme.
  • Click on edit icon and you can edit your photo with filter, frames etc.
  • Click on sticker icon and select multiple stickers for your photo.
  • Click on text icon and you can add text on your creation.

How To select theme ?

  • Click on Theme icon and you can see lots of layouts front of you.
  • Select anyone and start editing.
  • You can click on edit icon and use some photo editing tools.
  • You can click on enhance icon and adjust your photo light, contrast etc.
  • Click on rotate icon for rotate your image.
  • Click on effects icon and apply filter on your photo.
  • Click on Border icon and add colorful border on your image corners. You can increase and decrease the size of border using slider.
  • Click on Frame icon and apply textured and pattern border frames.

How to write Text ?

  • Click on Filter icon and choose your amazing color filter then apply on your photo.

How to write text ?

  • Click on text icon and open text window.
  • Tap on blank box and write your text.
  • You can change font family and styles using some icons.
  • Clicking on done button you can save and share your creation easily.