Adult Birds Coloring Book With Multiple Templates


Adult Birds Coloring Book With Multiple Templates

In the world where kids no more recognise birds teach them about the different types of birds and at the same time let them have fun colouring those birds on this amazing bird colouring book


-Colour Book
*Select your favourite Bird from multiplicity of types of birds
*Choose your favourite colour and sub colour and start colouring
*Zoom in and Zoom out for perfect colouring
*Undo the wrong move easily and reset to start altogether
* Save and share your colouring with just a click

-Pencil Sketch
Show your creativity and draw your mind out on the screen with the pencil sketch feature

*Choose a type of brush, set the size of brush and start drawing
*Fill in your drawing with colours
*Erase the mistakes
*Zoom in and Zoom out or perfection of details and get back to the original size with the reset button
*Clear screen with just a click

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